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Pavilion of Albania "HAPËSIRA ZERO SPACE" Arsenale, Venice, Italy 2018

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State of the Art Gallery , Hong Kong 2018

Art Fair  State of the Art Gallery , Hong Kong   17-20 May 2018

Desert stone. H 2 m. Limestone, Hurghada. Egypt 2018

Composed of two oval elements on which one and larger that absorbs the greatest extension in the space of the composition, exposed in a diagonal position corresponding to the block of stone, and the other smaller one crosses it in the middle. The dynamic composition is also suggested by the free space at the bottom of the base of the work, which in turn is incorporated and involved in the center of the work as the third optional element necessary to complete the idea. the empty space created on the meeting of forms makes the play of light and shadow exciting. In relation to the "silk way" theme, sculpture symbolically tells of the crossover of cultures and the interaction of trade among different peoples

Sculpture Network "Start'18" Vasto, Italy.

Sculpture Network "Start'18" Vasto, Italy.
Opening ceremony 28 January 2018 .
Group Sculpture Exhibition "Start'18 " at Musei Palazzo d'Avalos 

Albanian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2017

Albanian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2017

The Ministry of Culture announces that the project that will represent Albania in the 16th Edition of the International Architecture Exhibition at Venice Biennale 2018 is "Space zero", developed by Commonsense, Studio / PRGBR Architect FABLAB, Tirana. This project was selected through an open call for proposals (2 August - 3 November 2017), by the Ministry of Culture in the role of Albania's pavilion commissioner, following three phases of the selective process, by an international jury composed of: Mr. Gëzim Qëndro, Mr. Bekim Ramku, Simon Battisti, Ms. Adelina Greca and Ms. Arta Dollani. Jury members concluded that this is the best project and the most convincing team for the successful realization of the Albanian Pavilion at the Biennale, which meets the criteria set out in the open call. The jury was inspired by the teams proposed linkage between Venice and Tirana to bring a pi…

Pavilion Days In Korça: First International Architecture Symposium In Albania 2017

The 8th symposium of sculpture in Korça, held annually, brought forth a Symposium of Architecture - the first of its kind in Albania, in a unique collaboration between architects and sculptors. This year’s 12-days event, from the 15th to the 22nd of July .

Korça, with its continuous trials in establishing and promoting sculpture as a successful form of public art, and with initiatives in regenerating public spaces through architecture, was the perfect host for the dialogue between the two disciplines. It encouraged the fruitful work between four renowned foreign and local architects and five internationally recognized sculptors.

Pair 01  -   Architect, Martin Sobota & artist, Chang Shu Wei

Dutch Architect, Martin Sobota, with Back to The Roots, reimagines a pavilion that teases the eye with a mirror which places the viewer inverted with the surroundings.The structure made of light wood, seems to be grown towards the ground, while a carpet - traditional of Korça’s identity, questions …

Arte Insieme 2017 - Collettiva di Artisti Sensibili

Arte Insieme 2017 - Collettiva di Artisti Sensibili 
Genti Tavanxhiu , painting - Test 17 , Acrylic , 50 x 70 cm

Quest’anno, alla Pietraia dei Poeti si festeggia un traguardo importante, quello della decima edizione della manifestazione “Arte Insieme, Collettiva di Artisti Sensibili”, 120 artisti da tutta Italia e non solo.
Ed in questi 10 anni sono davvero tanti gli artisti che hanno risposto all’appello e hanno partecipato alla manifestazione condividendone le finalità artistiche e sociali .